Kiffanie Pictures (Not Yet Home)

Ken and Kiffanie are on the way home, presently going through customs and immigration officials in Washington D.C.

Meanwhile, I can now share pictures, so I’ll catch the blogosphere up on some photos we’ve received in the previous months, and a few Ken took just recently while there with her!

Here’s our Kiffanie!

This is one of the first pictures we got of just Kiffanie (We’d seen other pictures of her in a group of children prior.)

And this:

This was a few months after the ones above–around Christmas time
Christmas Kiffanie

This was our most recent picture of her before Ken traveled.  They’d done her hair fancy in braids and extensions–so cute!
Kiffanie in Braids

And now… with Ken!
He took this with the ipad in the car on the way back from the airport–right after meeting her for the first time!
Meeting her Daddy

With balloons Ken brought for her and the other children
I love Ken’s composition of this picture:

…and a few shots at the orphanage (again from Ken’s ipad):


Tonight, she should be home with us!  In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed these glimpses of our precious girl!


4 thoughts on “Kiffanie Pictures (Not Yet Home)

  1. She is beautiful! What a precious gift she will be. I’ve really enjoyed reading all your post about her adoption. I’ll be praying that she will adjust well.

  2. Great! But she looks different on nearly each picture!
    My favourite one is the second one!
    It is evening here… I suppose they will be home when I am fast asleep!
    Que Dieu vous bénisse!

  3. She is beautiful, she has such a lovely smile. Praying that all goes well.

    shelley p
    from over the pond.

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