While the Cat is Away

…the mice will work.  (We’ve been playing too–watching Larkrise to Candleford every evening, enjoying chocolate with every meal, and other indulgences, but, mostly, we’ve been hard at work.)  As Ken left for the airport, he gazed at the yard murmuring, “Wish I’d mowed before leaving.  This will be a jungle by the time I get back.”   Little did he know that several children were itching to fill his grass-stained shoes as head-grounds keeper.

When our neighbor and barn-elf offered the children use of his self-propelled mower, several PrairieFrogs volunteered. Even though the barn-elf’s mower is more manageable than Ken’s beast, it’s still a bit much for the youngest three.  Since Kendra was literally up to her elbows in meatballs (she made 185 mega-meatballs that afternoon–some for that night’s dinner, and some for the freezer), Kaira won mowing-job this time.  She did great, came in tired, and even earned a blister.

(Look at that dust cloud!  Some areas of the yard have more grass than dirt…)

Lawnmower Girl

Lawnmower Girl


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