Retro-Blogging: Kieran’s Birthday

Pretend it’s March instead of almost May.

See, due to many hours researching adoption stuff, I fell out of the blogging habit.  Blogging, usually a delight, became one more “computer chore.”  By evening (my usual blogging time) I’d flee the PC to snuggle up with a book, watch a movie, or organize my sock drawer–anything away from the keyboard.  Now, we are in the fun part of the adoption process again, and I’m itching to catch up on neglected blog posts!

Somehow in the blogging slump, I cheated Kendra and Kieran their blog posts.  They did, however each have birthdays–turning 10 and 5 respectively.  I hope to blog Kendra’s soon, but meanwhile, heeeeere’s Kieran!

Kieran asked specifically for spider cream puffs after seeing a picture in a children’s baking book at the piano teacher’s house.  Food-art isn’t my strength (as the pictures below testify.)  Alas, my cream puffs resembled crabs more than spiders.  (Perhaps if the legs faced the other way–with the “foot” part pointing backward instead of forward?)  Anyway, they were delicious.  The dark chocolate mousse filling was decadent, and the homemade pastry puffed beautifully.  (I used this choux pastry recipe, piping the pastry onto my cookie sheet from a ziplock bag with a corner snipped off.)

Kieran received the sweetest gifts from his siblings.  Keegan especially seems to be a gift-giver at heart.  He’s so thoughtful and generous in his gifting, planning gifts months in advance, and investing hours in them.  Keegan came to me before Christmas asking start on Kieran’s birthday present.  Because Kieran loves his Corduroy Bear, Keegan decided Corduroy needs a hat.  He bought thread with his own funds, then using a circular knitting loom, knit a darling hat!  Keianna took up the theme and made a scarf on her knitting mushroom.  Kaira whipped up mittens on her knitting needles, and Kieran was gifted an entire winter ensemble to keep Corduroy warm.

Panda Express was his meal choice, and he enjoyed gifts from us and from grandparents.  Pictured below: a very contented 5 year old.  He didn’t even mind that his spiders looked like crabs.

Kieran Turns Five (March 2012)

Kieran Turns Five (March 2012)


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