Congratulations, Keianna.

I had lunch with my 4th grade Keianna today!  (4th grade being a loose term; based on math curriculum.)

Explanation and disclaimers: We don’t try to mimic the public school model and we don’t necessarily sync all subjects to the same “grade level” as is done in more institutionalized settings.  Our grade levels are more fluid, we often school year-round, and we just start the next level of any subject when the previous is finished, we use math-grade levels as our celebratory point to mark promoting to the next  “year”.)

Yesterday ‘Anna completed her 3rd grade coursework, acing the cumulative and chapter tests with 100% scores all around.  In keeping with our custom, her teacher (that’d be me) treated her to lunch at her restaurant of choice.  We thoroughly enjoyed the friendly atmosphere and delicious soup and sandwiches at a local Great Harvest bakery.

Here’s a snapshot of my new 4th grader on our way out the door.  While I was gone, Kendra finished her end of year tests (Ken proctored).  I’ll take my newly 6th grade Kendra to lunch next week.  Kaira hopes finish 7th before Ken and Kiffanie come home, but is cutting it closer than her sisters.

Well done Keianna!

Well done Keianna!


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