A PrairieFrog Favorite; Now Marked Down


Herein Is Love (aka Kieran is Loved)

Herein Is Love
(aka Kieran is Loved)

The Kindle editions of this excellent series are recently marked down!   Genesis is $4.99, while ExodusLeviticusNumbers and Deuteronomy are $3.99.  The author has deep respect for children as fearfully and wonderfully made, and she never writes down to them–for this reason they are appropriate for a wide range of ages with enough meat to keep teens (or mom and dad) interested as a family read aloud.

We love these Pentateuch commentaries that read like a story books! Theologically rich, respectfully written, and engaging. Kieran is positive that the title of this series is “Kieran is Loved”. I guess if I don’t enunciate “Herein is Love” carefully, it does sound similar.  He’s always begging us to read “his books.”

This spontaneous shout-out is unpaid.  Nancy Ganz and Shepherd Press don’t know who or what PrairieFrogs might be.  It’s just a series that’s impressed us, and I’d love for others to enjoy it too!

(If you are looking for adoption updates, I’m posting more of those over on our Harp and Hammers blog, and only select adoption entries are cross posted here.  We’ve had quite a few bumps and twists in the road, but at present we are on track for Ken to leave for Lubumbashi this coming Saturday.  They are scheduled to arrive home May 11th–just in time to be my Mother’s Day gift!)


One thought on “A PrairieFrog Favorite; Now Marked Down

  1. congratulation Keianna! Job well done. We too do not do just one grade level. My daughter is at a high school reading level and spelling is higher yet math is right there at 6th grade. My son was ahead as well finishing H.S earlier and has been in college one year so far. Just took his grad pictures and having a good old fashioned home school ceremony with family and friends with diploma and cap & gown. So proud. Any way. You are doing a wonderful job with your beautiful children. What a blessing, praise the Lord. Have a lovely dinner with your girl. Hugs, Mica

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