Naming Chickens

We name everything around here.  Cars, appliances and electronic devices, so naturally the children wanted to name the chickens–even though even Kieran happily tells his chick, “In a few years when you don’t lay eggs, you get to be cooked for yummy chicken soup!”

They’ve not yet named the 4 (?) “mutt” teenage chickens we’ll be getting from Ken’s dad when the coop’s finished…  so far though the names are:

The two Maren’s (both teens; a hen and a rooster) are Eidelweiss and Crocus. (Not pictured)
The Amerecanas are Bunny (Kiffanie’s) and Smudge (Kendra’s)  These two lay fascinating blue-green Easter-Egg colored eggs.
The Rhode Island Reds are Nutmeg and Cinnamon (The children told us they are Ken’s and Mine.)
The Golden Sex Link is Kieran’s: He named it Henny Penny
The Blue Andalusian is Keianna’s: Moonlight
Keegan has the Silverlace Wyandotte: Plume
Kaira has the White Rock: Betty and the Bantum Silkie: Betsy  (She paid for the Silkie with her own money–we only bought one for each child–and the two Rhode Island Reds..)

This won’t continue to be the chicken channel; we’ve been doing lots of other things, but the blog posts just haven’t gotten out of my head and onto my keyboard…

Not all the chicks are pictured, just a few of our new feathered friends:

A Few of the Chicklettes

A Few of the Chicklettes


One thought on “Naming Chickens

  1. You must show us the final coop set up! We would love to get chickens, too. Maybe next house, God willing :o)
    Oh, those chicks are so cute!!

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