Baby Chicks

We are getting a few teenage chickens from Ken’s dad to occupy our new coop, including a Maren’s hen and rooster.  (The Marens lay super dark eggs, a favorite of James Bond.)  We also have  a collection of baby chicks who will join the coop this summer.  (The babies live in Ken’s barffice–barn/office right now.  The children check them constantly through the day.)

It’s amazing to me that such cute, fluffy, things grow into ugly chickens.  (When a neighbor boy commented to Ken that, “Your chicks are cute!” Ken raised his eyebrows for a moment; fortunately the boy meant the poultry, not our daughters.)

Baby Chicks


One thought on “Baby Chicks

  1. How exciting! We just got a hen and rooster along with 13 chicks, two weeks ago. We have ducklings and two turkey poults coming within the next week. We have really enjoyed getting use to these special “pets”.

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