A Multicultural St. Patrick’s Day

What do tamales, bantu knots, fence building, and fleur de lis have to do with St. Patrick’s day?  I’ve no idea.  They are part of the eclectic randomness of our St. Patrick’s Day today.

A neighbor gave us delicious homemade tamales, so combined with homemade quesadillas (Hey, at least the quesadillas are on green tortillas!), and some lime jello, they’ll be our busy-day dinner this evening.

(We only serve jello every few years these days, my boys think it’s magical and amazing-!  They helped me stir it and are fascinated to check it and see it set hour-by-hour.)

Keianna wanted to wear a fleur de lis pendant especially for St. Patrick’s day.  I think she had it mixed up with a shamrock.

We’ve been busy outside, mending fences and preparing the garden area for spring.

Here’s Kendra helping her daddy, they are using our little tractor for the fencing project.  My usually straight-haired girls have discovered the wonder of overnight-bantu knots for next-morning curls.   Her hair today reminds me of the golden curls a friend of mine had as a girl–complete with great big balls on the pony tails.  Every time I see Kendra today, I want to shout, “Corinne!” in honor of my friend’s grade-school ponytails!  (My friend didn’t need bantu knots for her glorious curls, though.)

Curly Kendra "driving" Kermit the Tractor

Curly Kendra "driving" Kermit the Tractor

And… in keeping with the St. Patrick’s day theme, here’s Keianna’s hairstyle; courtesy of her big sister, Kaira, who was inspired by this blog post over at Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care.  Kaira and Keianna decided they like shamrocks better than four leaf clovers, so they adapted it a bit.  (In addition to adapting for a different hair type.)

Shamrock Braids

Shamrock Braids

Happy St. Patrick’s day!  Whether you are feasting on corned beef and cabbage or on tamales and quesadillas,  I leave you with this Irish blessing;

May you always have walls for the winds,

A roof for the rain, tea beside the fire,

Laughter to cheer you, those you love near you,

Until we meet again,

May God hold you in the palm of His hand. 


3 thoughts on “A Multicultural St. Patrick’s Day

  1. through the windshield glare, I thought perhaps it was one of my grandchicks from a different nest. I really like it. Kendra is a neat kid and always full of surprises.

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