A Hippocratic Lunch

“Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine and Thy Medicine Be Thy Food”-Hippocrates

A few Prairiefrogs have a touch of a virus.  Despite appetites being less voracious, today’s lunch received rave reviews.  We enjoy smoothies, and I concocted a blend that seemed just right for this crew’s symptoms.  I should have made a double-blender batch to accommodate the request for “More, please!”  (Fortunately we had plenty of soup to fill them up when the smoothie was all gone.)

If home-cultured kefir and flax seeds sound bizarre to you, this won’t appeal.   It’s a bit unusual and not something I’d serve to guests. (Unless I knew the guests to enjoy a whole-foods path-less-traveled as we ourselves do.)  In Keegan’s words though, “It’s delicious, Mommy!  Please write it down and make it again!”

PrairieFrog Throat and Tummy Soother Smoothie:

2-3 cups kefir
2 thick slices of lemon (1/4 lemon, maybe–not peeled)
2 eggs (farm fresh/free range–I don’t suggest consuming raw eggs from bulk-raised chickens)
blob of leftover oatmeal (1/3 cup maybe?)
1 cutie orange (cut in half, put in blender unpeeled)
2 thick ginger slices (frozen)  (We cut fresh ginger into thick 1/4″ slices and freeze)
1 cup frozen apple slices
1 carrot cut in 4 chunks
2 TBS flax seeds
Generous blop of honey (1/4 cup, maybe?)

Blend in blender (Heavy-duty Vitamix or BlendTec type) until smooth;

We served this with bowl of homemade chicken & rice soup and Kaira’s homemade wheat tortillas.


3 thoughts on “A Hippocratic Lunch

  1. Aside from the raw eggs which I’m sure you can’t even taste, that sounds delicious! I’ll have to experiment with homemade kefir. DD is lactose intolerant. Can it be made lactose free? Hope y’all get feeling better soon!

  2. Karen, you should do a test with the kefir. Kefir grains eat lactose. If you do a double ferment, you can reduce the lactose to next to nothing and the bacteria and enzymes left aid in digesting whatever is left. Many people who are lactose intolerant can tolerate a double ferment homemade kefir.

  3. Agreeing with Kim: Some who can’t have lactose can have kefir. If not though, I think almond milk would work beautifully! (And the eggs add a richness, thickness and some protein, but nothing to the taste, so it’d be fine without them.)

    Thanks for the wishes to feel better soon. The children usually bounce back quickly. Meanwhile, we are enjoying a slower paced day with lots of rest!

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