Valentine Rambles

We enjoyed a lovely Valentine’s day yesterday!  Ken’s shift was such that he was home at lunch.  I’d been told in advance not to plan a meal because he’d cover everything, and he certainly did!  He served us a feast of  salmon, lobster tails, sparkling cherry juice, heart shaped biscuits, a huge tossed salad (made by the girls), and champagne salad for dessert.

We exchanged valentines and enjoyed some special treats from my parents (Thanks, Mom and Dad!), then saw him off to work while the children and I settled in for movie and a late-afternoon Valentine’s tea.

It was perfectly delightful.  Many deride Valentine’s day as too commercial, but we rarely buy anything (except in this case seafood) for the occasion.   I enjoy it because it’s a simple, “no expectations”,  holiday in our home.  Some years we do more, some less, but it’s usually just a fun day to reflect on God’s love for us and our love for one another.  We more often choose to do something for each other than to buy gifts.

In other news; I’ve noticed my blog posts have been fewer; all is well here and things are still on schedule with adoption preparations.  We’ve been schooling, playing, and doing our usual Prairie-Frog things.  Somehow in this strange, waiting-time of adoption, I’ve not been “reflective”.  I spend our days busily engaged in life and family and solitary moments enjoying a book or a movie rather than pausing to “reflect” and preserve our daily activities.  We’ve been making memories, but the photos  remain on my camera card, and the words describing our days remain half-baked in my mind, never reaching the keyboard.

As we embarked on the “waiting” part of the adoption journey, we desired to not let the waiting be a wasteland time, but to continue in productivity.  God’s been faithful in keeping us busy with learning and enjoying one another, and for the most part we’ve been successful in staying on course with the rest of life.  Still, it’s an interesting balance between just wanting to zone out and wait or be manically busy in some zany, impossible, desire to have life totally ordered when she arrives.   I tend to tip one direction or the other on any given day.

They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; they shall walk, and not faint. Isaiah 43:31

Those who wait on the Lord, mount up… run, walk…  those are action verbs, not  a stagnant waiting!  Yet.. yes there’s a yet… it’s also not a frenzied, crazed, self-propelled busyness that ends in exhaustion:  We run, but do not grow weary; we walk and do not faint.   This is still a work in progress.  I err on both sides.   (I usually err on both sides in the same day!)   Much of life involves waiting in some respect.   It’s hard to keep my eyes on the big picture–as if viewing an impressionistic painting.  If I put my nose up too close I can’t make sense of it and need to step back.

We can’t really, truly, live in the present any more than we can balance on the edge of a razor blade; the present is too slim an edge between past and future.  Perhaps, by stepping back and seeing the past and future in perspective rather than immersing ourselves up too close to one or the other, we can best keep a perspective on the thing we call the present and best live fully as we ought, neither stagnate or frenzied.

I hope your Valentine’s day was filled with delights, and that quiet reminder that you are loved!


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