Quand Tu Seras Grand… Great Expectations Part II

Six years ago this month, in January 2006,I blogged the “great expectations” Keegan’s sisters dreamed for him.  He wasn’t yet walking, and had just turned one year old, but the girls believed he could do anything–they still do!

Today, the postman brought us a wondrous surprise from France!   Children’s author Nicole Snitselaar has done it again!   Nicole tells me that of her 20 published stories, 2 have been inspired by the wee Prairiefrogs!   (Click here to read about the other.)   I’m flattered and amazed that my quiet little blog could capture Nicole’s imagination resulting in such delightful books!   The girls’ names have been altered slightly for the French audience, but you may recognize them in the pages below… even if you don’t speak French!

Keegan, Enjoying "his" Book

I love the illustrator’s whimsical style!  These are just a few scenes of many from the book; a nibble.

Quand tu seras grand… (When you are grown…)

Meet the characters!

Introducing the Story

When you are grown, you’ll be a Chef; the premier in the world!

A Chef!    The premier in the world!

When you are grown, you’ll be a brave Explorer!

An Explorer!

When you are grown, you’ll be the conductor of an orchestra!
Orchestral Conductor!

And many other accomplishments… I dare not give away the whole book!    I wasn’t able to find the book available in the United States or even Canada yet, but here’s a link to the publisher’s site in Paris.

Merci beaucoup, Nicole!    Es fantastique!


4 thoughts on “Quand Tu Seras Grand… Great Expectations Part II

  1. How fun to have another book in French for Kiffanie! Should we (and others purchase books from the publisher? I have not yet gone to the link, so I am not even positive that can be done.

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