Fried Rice by Candle-Light, with Legos and Cherry Pie

Soon after Keianna gave me the culinary challenge of Flaming Crepes Suzette,  Keegan began spending his afternoons gazing at cookbooks and planning his birthday meal.  I held my breath wondering what exotic dishes he might request.  After several days of study, he determined he didn’t want my cooking after all.  The new Panda Express sign in town intrigued him, and he wanted to try it!    I got off easy with a cherry pie for desert.  In addition he asked to dine by candle-light.  Girls, watch out, this boy has a romantic streak!  He enjoyed honey walnut shrimp, orange chicken and kobari beef over fried rice.

It was certainly an easy meal for me.  I’m not much of a cake decorator, so pie made life simpler too!

My sweet, thoughtful, and fun-loving little fellow is 7!  Happy Birthday Keegan!

Presents!  (I Love his Expressions!)

Presents! (I Love his Expressions!)

Cards From Siblings

Cards From Siblings

Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie

So, that’s all the birthdays for… a few days.  Kendra’s birthday is the 10th (4 days after Keegan’s!)  She’s having her big 10th year bash on the weekend following, so I have lots of fun preparations in the week ahead.  Of the 7 of us here right now, the birthdays are Oct 29, Nov 1, Nov 28, Dec 18, Jan 6, Jan 10  (all with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years as well!)  and then a small breather until March 25th.  Kiffanie’s birthdate is unknown but will be assigned in the Congo.  I’m rooting for a summer birthday just to mix things up a bit!


3 thoughts on “Fried Rice by Candle-Light, with Legos and Cherry Pie

  1. Ooh! Twinning with Kieran would be fun too! I’d be great fun to see expressions on people’s faces when I say, “Oh, they are twins.” 🙂

    Actually, whenever Kiffanie’s birthday is, it be a delight, and if it ends up putting 3 birthdays in a week, we’ll just laugh and go with the craziness.

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