A full December, and into 2012

Hello!  It’s been a lovely, full December here for us PrairieFrogs!  Here’s our month in bullet points

  • We switched bedrooms! Now the girls have the enormous master-suite, with four beds, and a springy butterfly and flowers decor. (Stay tuned for photographic evidence.)
  • We celebrated Keianna’s 8th Birthday (Complete with flaming crepes!)
  • We enjoyed Advent devotions and remembering the coming of our Lord and Savior in preparation for Christmas.
  • We did much baking, partying, and gift giving in memory of the Word (Jesus) being made flesh and dwelling among us.
  • We enjoyed cozy, busy times.
  • We hosted our annual Christmas gathering with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, and even a fluffy dog-in-law: Joyous times!
  • Through it all little Kiffanie was on our hearts–the one member of the family not here to be part of the fun; yet we rejoice at the hope of celebrating many Christmases as a united family!
  • I’ve revamped our schedule as we jump back into academics after a Christmas holiday!  Ken’s work schedule will be more consistent this next quarter, which should make consistent routine easier for the rest of us.

I’ve posted a brief adoption update over on the girl’s Harp & Hammers blog-site.  To learn more about the fascinating birth-land of our youngest daughter, read the “Harp & Hammers D.R.C. Fact” at the end of each post on that blog.

3 thoughts on “A full December, and into 2012

  1. Hi, Nicole! No, we haven’t yet, but we’ve just had holidays here, so it might just be delayed while postal workers have been off work? Now I’m very curious and excited though! I’ll be watching the mail!

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