Pinterest inspired: Braids, Fries and Coin Pendants

I’d issued a Pinterest challenge to prompt myself to get busy realizing some of my Pinterest pins.  So far, my Pinterest-inspired projects aren’t of the “wow” variety, but they got me out of my ruts and motivated me to try new things.  I hope to do a few bigger projects in future months.

I tried this hairstyle on Kaira:

Glee Hairstyle

Click photo to go to a tutorial for this hairstyle

I didn’t photograph the results.  It looked nice and she wore the style to church, but it didn’t create the crown-type look it did on the model.  Perhaps the difference is Kaira’s thick hair?  I’ll try it on Kendra’s hair which is closer to the model’s hair type and see what happens.

I also baked up a batch of these sweet potato fries!  Delicious!  I didn’t make the accompanying sauce, but just served them with a ranch dressing with a tiny dash of cayenne.  That’s probably scandalous, but they were yummy.

Sweet Potato Fries

Click to visit the site where this pin originated (And to get the recipe!)

Finally, I was inspired by something I’d pinned from Etsy to make a couple of necklaces for Kaira.  She’s admired several eclectic, mixed metal necklaces lately and she loves harps and Irishness.  I made her two, the one pictured below and one with a  single birth-year coin.

Kaira's Coin Necklace

Kaira's Coin Necklace

The coins, jump rings, and chain were all very inexpensive.  Ken pierced the coins for me, and voila!  (I can’t find the pin that initially inspired this on my Pinterest boards now.  Do pins ever just go “poof” on there for anyone else?)

Pinterest Challenge

What Pinterest-inspired projects have you done lately?


2 thoughts on “Pinterest inspired: Braids, Fries and Coin Pendants

  1. I love the penny idea! And yes, links sometimes disappear. I had that happen within minutes after repinning one – the link was just gone.

    I love Pinterest too – have already done several easy projects from it.


  2. Good to know that it’s not just me with the disappearing pins, Dawn! Now I want to see teh projects you’ve done. I’m guessing they are cooler and bigger than mine–I’m all about simple these days.

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