Across the World: Kiffanie’s Painting

Heather Young, the artist who painted the watercolor representing little Kivren (and the image featured on the girl’s fundraising CD), has done it again!

I love the light Heather captured in Kiffanie’s eyes, the texture of her hair, and her expectant look–as if she’s peering at us from across the ocean.

This is cropped in a little bit from the original painting (in order to fit it on the scanner bed.)   It’s a three color portrait in ultramarine, crimson lake, and raw sienna.

Because Kiffanie isn’t yet legally my daughter, and because photographs of children on the internet can be a touchy subject, I’ll not be posting photos of her publicly online until she’s home.  In the meantime, this artistic glimpse can give you a peek at our Kiffanie across the ocean in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Kiffanie; Across the World

Painting by Heather Young of


One thought on “Across the World: Kiffanie’s Painting

  1. Hello Dell! Randomly, I re-found your blog(used to periodically read it a few years ago) and was pleased to see your adoption of sweet Keffanie. Then, as I read the adoption posts came to see that you are going through Compassion for Congo and it clicked that Keffanie was actually a little girl a friend of ours had blogged about. A small world it is as we are good friends with Bob Wheatley(his son was in our wedding!) and have been following his journey with CFC for a while now. We will be praying for you as the time nears to travel to bring your daughter home!
    If you wouldn’t mind taking the time to e-mail me privately, I am very interested in learning more about the adoption process in the DRC of which Bob is not very knowledgable. We adopted 2 little boys from Liberia 4 years ago but I know that DRC will be very different with dealing with a lawyer in country. faithwingnut at yahoo dot com
    If I can help you at all in regards to bringing home an older child(we have brought home 2 4 year olds at different times) please let me know. I don’t know if you have any adoptive friends who have brought home a preschooler but it’s definitely different than any other age.

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