Small things ~ Big Reasons

It is step-by-step diligence and small faithfulness that brings long-term goals to fruition. It isn’t so much that the daily things are hard to do, but that they are so easy to skip.

What is one day’s etude practice? (The great musician became great by building one day’s etudes on another.) What is one day’s exercise routine (the Olympian became a medalist one day’s exercise at a time.) What is one day of reading stories to little children or admiring their drawing attempts? (It is little things that build memories and nurture relationships.)

The cumulative effect of small, easy to neglect, diligences creates greatness. The cumulative effect of small slothfulnesses creates mediocrity.

Do you have big goals? Are you being diligent in the small, repeated steps toward that goal?   Today, will you faithfully add one more layer of steps up the mountain, or will you succumb to excuses?

Just my reflections today as I do small things–for big reasons.


3 thoughts on “Small things ~ Big Reasons

  1. Ouch. Thanks; me thinks I’ve been a little lazy in letting things slide. No wonder it’s been so hard to pick back up…

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