Be Pinteresting: Realizing your Pinterests

Some friends on an online forum were discussing our Pinterest love.  It’s easy to let the inspirations sit idle and unrealized.  Fabulous recipes, cute craft ideas, great house decor and other things thrilled us with potential never come to life outside our virtual pinboards.

I’m issuing a challenge to myself and anyone who wishes to join in.  (The challenge was actually proposed by my friend, Kim, but I’d like to bring it to the blogosphere and beyond!  (Ahem… I suppose I sound pretty self-important for something fluff like Pinterest, but I’m feeling dramatic.)

Here’s the challenge.  Make a habit of baking, crafting, decorating or decorate, or otherwise actualize a pin from your pinboard at semi-regular intervals.

Feel free to pin the below image to your Pinterest boards, if it strikes your fancy.   Please also leave comments below about what you’ve done from your Pinterest finds!

I’m going to try for once a week.  It might end up sagging into once a month–I’m ok with that.  It isn’t about a quota, but just about living out inspirations and bringing them out of my head and out of cyberspace into my home.  I hope to post my first one within the week, so stay tuned.

Join me?

Be Pinteresting

Be Pinteresting!


4 thoughts on “Be Pinteresting: Realizing your Pinterests

  1. Great challenge idea! One thing I love about Pinterest is that it is easy to use the ideas I’ve pinned. We did a homeschool craft this last week from a pin and I also have Pinterest on my phone so when I was out shopping for some autumn decor, I pulled up a couple of the pins I’d liked for inspiration while I was in the store.

    I blogged the craft we did yesterday. 🙂

  2. I’ll join you on this. I love the idea! I think that this will help keep me from random pinning and becoming a pin hoarder.

    I also wanted to ask, may I lift your Google + button image in the sidebar? I’m not too creative and I can’t seem to find one I like.

  3. Thanks, No Reimer Reason! The craft you did looks fabulous–I think I’ll try that with my littles today.

    Lori, thanks for joining in on this! You are also very welcome to use the Google+ button. I didn’t like any I found out there either, so I just played with the color. It’s free to use. (And I love your blog name!)

    • Thank you! I have enjoyed reading your blog for awhile now. Seeing what others do for school, helps me see all the wonderful things that are offered these days.

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