Wordless Wednesday: Feeding Lorikeets


3 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Feeding Lorikeets

  1. Hannah had a pet lorikeet until we had to go to Singapore. She loved the “Lory Loft” at the Bird Park in Singapore, where there were hundreds flying around. Sometimes we’d have 3, 4, or more on us at one time! So much fun!

    Did you get a good look at their tongue? I kept trying to get a macro picture of it, but always seemed to miss.

  2. Rachel, how neat that Hannah had her own lorikeet! Their tongues are amazing. I did get a look at the tongues, but I don’t think I’m fast enough (especially in macro photography) to get a clear shot of it! Those tongues went in and out so fast! These were at a zoo in Denver. Does Hannah miss her pet? I’m guessing you and yours have had a few unusual pets…

  3. Most of our pets have been normal – dogs, cats, snakes (only in the States), fish, hermit crabs, turtle, birds, hamsters, rabbits… Hannah does get some unusual birds – local mynahs, lorikeet… her dream is to have a cockatoo. Right now she has Sulawesi hanging parrots. They are native to this area. Funny thing – she bought two of them last month (the day after we moved back!). Yesterday after they were whistling, a third one showed up! Hannah was able to trap it (using fruit in an open cage door to lure it in). It looks like it’s a young one, and she’s happy to have 3 now!

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