Laughter Amid Tears: Burglar Master

Initial shock waves have eased into quieter sorrow amid a returning normalcy.   It is a new-normalcy–as we are forever changed.  Through Kivren, God  has changed us; grown us, deepened us–and it’s not over.  There’s purposes to this we’ve not yet glimpsed, and some that may never be given to us to understand.

We know that our wee girl is outside our reach, but that she has never been–and never will be-outside the reach of God.    She will always be in our prayers.  Her life was spared at birth for a reason, and God has a plan for her.   God can reach her in the depths of man’s depravity, and he can lift her to Himself.  No principalities, powers or bourgmasters can wrest her away from God’s love and His plan for her. We are reminding ourselves of this through the haze of shock and sadness.

It’s been interesting to see the Protector instinct rise up the boys.  Keegan and Kieran have been bursting with an urge to do something to fix the injustice.  They want to ride in as knights in armor and rescue their little sister, coming up with all sorts of outlandish scenarios.  Their plotting has brought a laughter amid our sorrow, even as we remind them noble as their chivalry is, Kivvy’s in God’s hands, and this isn’t a battle we can win with iron or steel.

Kieran said the following yesterday:

“Maybe we should ask the president of Malawi to fly to the Congo with us to capture the Burglar Master.  We will have a war with the Congo and Ethopia and  I will fight next to the Malawi president .  We’ll take Kivren back.”

This comment amused me in several different ways:

First, that Kieran at 4 years old knows Africa well enough to be able to name Malawi!   Missionaries visited our our church from this peaceful, tiny, African country.  Evidently it made quite an impression on him and he considers the whole country his allies now.  (I’m impressed he remembered Ethopia too. We heard that immediately upon being sold, Kivren was apparently taken out of the Democratic Republic of Congo, likely to Ethopia.  Kieran likely heard us discussing this, but I’m amazed he remembered.)

Third (and most hillarious to me) was “Burglar Master”.  The term Bourgmaster–a Congolese authority much like a mayor– is new to him, and he got the words mixed up.  But… in light of the situation, I can see why the term burglar would come to his mind.

Finally, the notion of starting an international war gave me an image of Helen of Troy with our Kivren as Helen, launching a thousand ships. Kieran seems to have the concept of making allies with other countries down too.

No, we aren’t going off to capture any “burglar masters” or to start international wars to forcibly reclaim Kivren. We know nothing we can do will bring her home to us.  The battle we fight for is quieter:  It is a battle against darkness that will be better fought with love than with bitterness. We will pray for all involved, including the “burglar master”.  We will continue on in our resolve to love and care for the orphans in whatever way God provides.  It is not the glamorous fight as my wee knights imagine, but rather a battle in the trenches.  We are bruised, but not defeated, because we know that the King of Kings–infinitely greater than the president of Malawi–leads the battle.

Knight Kieran

Knight Kieran


2 thoughts on “Laughter Amid Tears: Burglar Master

  1. Praying for you all and especially for the little one, pray that who ever has her will be kind and loving. I was really shocked by this news. Just rest in God in all things.

    Blessings and prayers to you all
    shelley p
    from over the pond

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