Difficult News

It appears our baby girl will not be ours. She has been taken from the little orphanage–by someone in a position of power who (apparently) has chosen to use that power for financial profit.  A powerful bourgmaster (like a mayor) who initially had jurisdiction over Kivren reclaimed her from the orphanage in Lubumbashi and seems to have immediately sold (sold!?) her to some unknown party.

Pastor Didier (along with another pastor from Compassion for Congo who is presently visiting in the DRC) tried every avenue to fight this, but to no avail.

Ken worked afternoon-midnight shift last night, and wasn’t home when the news arrived.  I waited up to talk, weep and pray with him. I didn’t tell the children last night, but zombied through dinner (God gave grace) because it seemed best that Ken hear first, then we’d tell the children together. We just told them this morning.

  • Please pray for Kivren. That God will be her Father. That she will know Him and be safe in His arms and that He will work something beautiful from this in her life. We do not know exactly to whom she might have been sold. Please pray divine protection for her.
  • Pray for our other children. We told them together just this morning. They are all grieving–the boys (4 and 6) don’t fully comprehend, but they were sad and will slowly be processing this news.  The girls (7, 9, 11) were hit especially hard as they understood the loss immediately. There are many tears in our home today.
  • Pray for us as we trust that Kivren is in God’s sovereign hands and as we remember that He loves this precious little girl–more than we ever could and that this did not surprise Him but is part of His loving plan.
  • Pray for wisdom for us as we will likely consider bringing another child home. Everything is still raw and we are not in a place to make decisions, but we still have a heart for adoption, for the Congo, for this little orphanage. We aren’t sure what God has in store, but will keep our fingerprinting appointment (two weeks from now). So far none of the documents have needed to be child specific. God had already sovereignly delayed all the child-specific things until this coming January.
  • Pray for the whole Compassion for Congo team who have had several heart-wrenching trials recently.
  • Please pray for Pastor Didier and his family. They had little Kivren in their own home, being held, loved, doted on as their own child. His own six children had nicknamed her Benie, which means blessed. Annie had to hand her over. They are all grieving as we are. Their little orphanage is truly special in the personal love they give. As you know, Didier is truly like a father to these children and gives them his whole heart–and his family also.

We know that many who read this blog will pray alongside us for this precious little girl.  Thank you!  We are blessed.  Your prayers are dear to us.

It is all unfathomable to our hearts and minds–we know God is still God, and that he loves Kivren more than we can possibly imagine. For the past week, God has been preparing us in many ways, reminding us of His love through grief.   He is the God of all comfort.   He gives, he takes away.   All is done in loving wisdom beyond the glimpses we can see. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

(For those wondering about the CDs … we will continue with them. The girls still wish to help the orphanage and they still desire help another child come home–whether it is home to our home or another.  We will likely still adopt, but if we don’t purse another adoption in the relatively near future, we will contribute the entirety either to the orphanage, or to help another family adopt. )

We continue to pray that Kivren–wherever she may be, will know the love of her heavenly father; This is our eternal prayer for her.


Our Prayer for Kivvy


10 thoughts on “Difficult News

  1. Grieving here with you, Dell, and with all your family. It is hard to appreciate the sovereignty of God when something so tragic to our hearts occurs, but it is good that you know in Whom to put all your trust. I believe that you will expand your family by adoption some day, but you will never forget Kivren and will surely pray for her the rest of your lives.

  2. I am so very sorry to hear this! I just recently re-found your blog (somehow lost it when you switched over from HSBlogger), and was SO excited to read of your adoption. I will definitely be joining you in prayer – for grace as you all deal with and process this loss (it is a loss!), for wisdom in knowing God’s will and timing concerning a future adoption, and for the safety and salvation of this precious little girl.
    Resting in God’s Sovereignty,

  3. Just as speechless now as I was earlier…many tears shed and prayers sent up from here today. Continuing to pray for you all as you process this loss and seek to keep following this strange, wonderful and often very hard path. Praying for sweet Kivren, that she will know the Father’s love all the days of her life…

  4. Dell,
    Natalie called to tell me, I have been praying and grieving for Kivren and your family.
    Praying that God will use what man intended for evil to bring glory to Himself through your family and through Kivren. Praying that the arm of protection and the sword of the spirit will travel with her day and night and comfort and protect your hearts also.
    Praying with you and available to you if you need me.
    Love Wendy

  5. I am so very sorry. Asking the Lord to comfort you all.
    I just love your blog. Thanks for sharing your heart with us.

  6. I’m so very sorry! We, too, had some fall-throughs and know what your heart is feeling right now.
    This will all make sense in the end, dear sister, when you hold the child that was meant for you from the beginning of eternity!
    We will pray for Kivren…
    and for all of you…
    and for the child who awaits you!

  7. So very sorry to hear this. Makenna and Eliza read your blog more faithfully than I do, but they quickly told me this devastating news.
    Trust that even the Father who knows the whereabouts of even each little sparrow, knows the needs of this precious baby girl.
    Prayers are lifted for your family and Kivren.

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