Math with a Mammoth

Keegan is proud of his new math books–and has a woolly friend to help him through any rough spots!

Calvert Math had been our core Math curriculum for grades 2-6, but Calvert recently made changes and I needed to find something that would flow as I’ve come to expect.   (Calvert’s excellent content hasn’t changed, but it’s less “open and go” for us now.)

I’ve used Math Mammoth to fill gaps and supplement through the years and began eyeing the full curriculum.  The time was ripe to make the switch!

The whole curriculum is now exceeding expectations.   It’s Calvert-esque in it’s approach:  straight forward, no gimmicks, friendly, solid, covers math both from the abstract and the concrete approaches, and seems to be formatted in a way that my children’s brains are wired.   Once printed out, it has the open-and-go usability upon which I’ve come to depend.  In short, it’s a PrairieFrog fit!  We still supplement with Life of Fred and a few other things, but Math Mammoth is the new 2-6 math core here for Keegan on down!  (Because Keianna and Kendra were already established in Calvert Math, I’m letting them stick with familiarity until Pre-Algebra.)

As the fourth born, Keegan’s basking in the chance to be the “first” to use a curriculum.  (And naturally, he needed a mammoth friend to go along with this new books!)


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