Groggy Greek

We are finally back to a full school schedule!  It’s been a slightly bumpy start this morning–apparently I unconsciously (or semi-consciously) shut off my alarm clock in a groggy haze of denial at 5:30 am.  I came to suddenly when I heard three eager girls preparing tea for our “Tea and Greek” lesson.

Because Ken anticipates an afternoon shift for the remainder of the calendar year. we are trying to balance getting the bulk of school done in the morning with allowing time to enjoy daddy before he heads into work.  (He’s usually on midnights, so this is a change from our previous routines.)  To balance school and daddy-time, our usually free afternoons now have some music practice sessions and even some academics slotted.

Meeting with the three girls for Greek seemed to either need to be just before bedtime or first thing in the morning.  I tend to be more awake around their bedtime, but I’ve noticed they start shutting off right after dinner.  I gave them a choice, and as I’d expected, they asked for morning, when they’d be more alert.  Sibilant mutes and aspirate mutes, surd mutes, sonanant mutes and determining mora quantity of vowel sounds–all before the sun is fully risen?  I have a hard time speaking in English at 6:30 am; attempting to speak–and teach–Greek at such an hour will be interesting.

Today’s Greek lesson went well, even if the Greek teacher (yours truly) was clad in her bathrobe.  The young scholars were wide awake and ready to learn!

One of homeschooling is flexibility.  Ironically, the constant flexing is one of the hardest aspects for me.  I tend to like a settled routine, but children’s needs change as they advance into new levels, family dynamics shift and the academic spread between children increases, flexibility is necessary.

I’m still meeting with the two oldest on alternating days.  Kaira meets with me Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.  Kendra meets with me on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  When I meet with them, I go over their previous assignments, grade, give feedback, introduce the next lessons, and assign for two days at a time.  We’ve been doing this for several years, and it works quite well.  Soon I’ll begin meeting every other day with Keianna as well.  The youngers need the daily meetings, but I like transitioning them into more independent time management around third grade.  Keianna’s doing third grade work, but I think it will be next semester before I drop her down to every-others for meeting with me.

Below is our new schedule for autumn academics!

Autumn Academics

Autumn Academics with Groggy Greek (Click to enlarge)


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