Introducing: Harp & Hammers

A few months ago Kaira and Kendra began brainstorming, eager to helping bring their little sister home and give toward other orphans in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  We assured them that it wasn’t their responsibility.  We (the parents) would by God’s grace provide for our baby.  The girls persisted, reminding us that, “families work together” and insisting, “Kivvy’s our little sister!  We should be able to DO something!”

We had to admit that family teamwork, devotion to their sister, and their entrepeuneurial spirit should be nurtured.  And, it’s true that adoption is a big undertaking financially (and in many other ways).

After several impractical suggestions they determined to record a musical album.  It was a big reach for them, but being willing to reach beyond what’s easy and seize a challenge is yet another trait worth encouraging.  As I mention on the About Us page on their album’s website, they aren’t professionals, nor are they prodigies.  Still, I’m impressed with their finished product.  It’s sweet in it’s simplicity and we hope it brings many smiles.  A portion of the proceeds go toward Compassion for Congo, the ministry supporting our little Kivren’s orphanage in Lubumbashi; the rest will go toward bringing Kivren home!  We appreciate any contributions, especially your love and prayers.

Special thanks to our hero and recording engineer, Grandpa Stu!  He did an amazing job in assisting the girls toward a polished final product!  We also thank Alice Freeman, Sylvia Woods, and Heather Young.  Find out more about their contributions on our Links & Mentions page at Harp & Hammers.

For information about the album and options for donation, click here.  While there, please browse around the site–we’ve sprinkled facts on the Democratic Republic of Congo into every page and post so you can learn along with us as we explore our youngest daughter’s birth land!

Click to contribute and get the album

Click to contribute and get the album

The Harp & Hammers Duo!

The Harp & Hammers Duo!


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