Up In the Air–And Hanging On

My last post was “up in the air”, flying kites.  Things have felt figuratively  “up in the air” lately as we wait for the next steps in the adoption process.  We aren’t exactly sure how God’s plan will unfold, but we know He is good and that we can trust Him.  Waiting is still hard–I’m amazed at how painfully hard.   There’s a little girl across the ocean–my little girl.  I’ve not held her in my arms, but love isn’t lessened by that.  We are very blessed, as we know she’s given abundant affection and care by the dear pastor at the orphanage.  His family treats her as their own, doting on her, and calling her by the nickname , “Benie” which means, “Blessed.”    Still, we long to invest in her ourselves and share those small moments and developments of her precious young life.  This will all happen in God’s timing.

Yes, things are a bit up in the air now–but we are hanging on–or rather we are letting God hang on for us.  I don’t think we could  hold on in our own might.

In a literal sense, the children have been up in the air and hanging on.  Ken finally installed the zip-line my parents gave us last Christmas!  He’ll be devising more stable stairs soon instead of the ladder you see below.

Ken (my handsome husband) is in the picture with a rather apprehensive Kieran.   (Kieran opted to try the zip-line several times–we weren’t torturing him against his will, honest!)  The man in the photo with Kaira is our barn-elf.  He lives in the barn and works on projects in Ken’s woodshop.  Sometimes he fixes the cars, or finishes bookcases Ken starts.  He even helps the children with the scroll saw and mitering corners on the boxes they make.  (Technically, he lives next door, not in the barn, but I think he spends as much time in the woodshop as at his own house some days, and he does finish up projects when they catch his eye, so we call him our barn-elf.)  The barn-elf also helped Ken with zip-line installation.

Up In the Air!

Up In the Air!

Hanging On!

Hanging On!


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