Present Day on the Coffee Table:

We are concluding our “Tapestry-Lite” summer and concluding out 4 year rotation over the next few weeks with a final grouping of books on the coffee table!  Soon we’ll be back to Eden and dinosaurs!  Meanwhile, we are studying times well within my own memory, and many things within the children’s own lifetimes.

I remember the fall of the Berlin Wall–I was an exchange student in Uruguay at the time, and remember asking another exchange student from Western Germany what she thought of the news and being surprised that she had no comment except for a shrug.  Likely her non-response was more reflective of a teenage disassociation from current events than a reflection of European or German apathy on the subject, but I remember it struck me as odd at the time.

We’ll be studying The Persian War–a war in which some of my friends fought fresh out of high school.  We’ll also study the September 11 attack on the twin towers–which occurred when my eldest was a baby.

The children will read about Y2K panic (a phenomenon my husband and I didn’t really participate in, but we knew many who did.)  We even have a newspaper from the day my eldest was born (in 1999) and then from January 1, 2000 for the children to read.

We’ll be going back to full tapestry after this “Tapestry-Lite” unit, but it’s been fun to spend the summer leisurely and casually investigating our modern times.

The widgets below show our book basket.




3 thoughts on “Present Day on the Coffee Table:

  1. I’m curious… what’s it like going back to the beginning after finishing the recent past? it seems like such a big jump. 🙂

  2. Funny to think of all these events as “history”. Didn’t they just happen “the other day”? Also, we have had the pleasure of seeing Bryan Davis, the author of the Dragons in our Midst Series come to our homeschool fellowship (the home of a friend) and give us a presentation about fantasy and children, and his version of it in particular. I remember my son, age 9 at the time, just gobbled up all those books. He really enjoyed them. We have an autographed copy.

  3. Dell, I haven’t “checked in” on the Prairie Frogs since we moved– I like what you’ve done with your site. I’m happy to see that you’re all thriving, and that there is a Baby K in your family. Bless you all!

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