New Improved Man in the Moon

I read a quote recently that didn’t seem accurate, but I wasn’t initially sure what seemed off about it.  It was similar to thoughts I’d heard before–usually from someone discarding a previous belief:

 “One of the ways you know you’re growing is if you realize somewhere along the way that you were wrong about what you used to think.” -Beth Moore


I agree that growth requires change; sometimes that change is just a deepening along the same direction; sometimes it can be an about-face.

Growth equals change, but does the inverse necessarily follow?

Today, Kieran (4) made a darling statement that illuminated the distinction:

I was changing a light bulb when he commented, “I woost to (used to) think that the moon was a big mirror, but now I know it has a light bulb inside!”

Kieran’s initial hypothesis is closer to truth than his more recent revelation.  Like a mirror, our moon reflects the sun’s light and has no light source of it’s own.

It was a “light bulb moment” in many ways and my mind went back to the quote that I’d cocked my eyebrow at last week.

Certainly willingness to admit we are wrong is a mark of maturity, but not all paradigm shifts are progress, nor are our hearts and minds always accurate compasses of truth.

In fairness to the quote’s author, I’ve not read the context of the quote.  I read it as a stand-alone comment.  As such it might not fully represent the author’s perspective.  Yet it’s a thought I’ve come across before.  We are quick to assume that any change of direction must be forward.  New is not necessarily improved.

(And I sense a science experiment and an astronomy lesson on the horizon for our homeschool. )


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