1980’s on Our Coffee Table

We are up to the feathered-haired, peg-leg jeans ’80’s in our history studies!  In addition to the books featured in the widgets below, my own high school yearbooks are in the book basket for the children’s perrusal over the next few weeks.

We’ll also watching this short documentary (pictured below) about the life and contributions of Ronald Reagan.  So far the children primarily know him from Bonzo movies (and they know he liked Jelly Belly candy).   I hope they’ll have a broader scope on this man’s role in modern history in a few weeks.

NBC News Presents Ronald Reagan
NBC News Presents Ronald Reagan

The widgets below show our book basket:

(For those reading via an external feed, click through to see the selections on my blog.)


4 thoughts on “1980’s on Our Coffee Table

  1. Neat! My daughter likes to remind me that if I were an American Girl doll, I’d be a historical doll (like Julie from the 70’s)….. not a “girl of today.” I guess the 80’s are history now too.

    Do you school through the summer?

  2. Yes, I love the Julia doll, Jennifer! I’m guessing I’d be further back than 70’s even though I grew up then. I usually was behind the times by a few decades or centuries.

    We do lighter school in the summer but keep just enough to keep the rhythm. It almost seems easier to have a bit of normal school structure than to not–but we keep it lighter and it’s less consistent while we enjoy the nice weather! I wonder though if I’ll do even less school in the summer as they get older? Perhaps as they are older,and going more directions I won’t feel the bit of schoolish structure is as nice to hold onto in the summer months.

  3. I was an old-fashioned girl too! I was always fascinated by the “old days” and resented having to study “Language Arts” when in the old days it was called English. 😀 It’s also why my kids learn Latin too… because I never got to.

    We find it impossible to keep school going in the summer, mainly because Stuart’s a teacher and home all summer long, which is great! but not conducive to any sort of routine whatsoever.

  4. As a child I was never much into reading until I read Joni. (I saw it on you list) I remember crying while reading it. I’ve been a reader ever since.
    Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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