We are pursuing an adoption of a precious baby girl, born late May across the world in the Democratic Republic of Congo!

For several years we’ve prayed about adoption, but as I’d research it seemed so daunting.  We prayed that God would place a child before us… and less than a month ago, he did!

A friend told me about this baby and within weeks of her birth we had submitted paperwork for an adoption home study.

I’m still amazed at the way God worked to place her in our hearts–she’d been abandoned at the hospital as a newborn with a rough start in life–but she’s now fully healthy and adoptable.  Until she reaches our arms, she’ll be in the care of a small, loving, Christian orphanage.

The process of adoption is wondrous.   I’m in awe and humbled that we have the opportunity to love this little girl.  We are praying as we work through the paperwork and legalities, and have been told the process will likely be between six and twelve months.  It’s a long time to wait when my youngest daughter is across the ocean, but it’s a short breath in the scope of eternity.

I’d like to post her picture–she’s absolutely beautiful–yet I’m mindful of the fact that she’s not yet legally ours–despite what our hearts may say, so I’ll wait.  Sharing photos on an open blog is a sensitive topic and foreign governments have different regulations to protect the privacy of  children awaiting adoption.

May the process be divinely expedited so she’ll arrive in our arms soon!  Born Marie Clare in the Congo, she’ll be our Kivren Marie.  She’s already so dear to us!




12 thoughts on “Announcing….

  1. Congratulations! I have some friends who are going through the process for two little boys from Uganda. I can’t wait to hear the “It’s all Legal” sound.

  2. Congratulations! Adoption is wonderful – I was adopted myself. I’d love to adopt – but DH says our own four are enough for him. Excited to hear how this new little one will fit in. I have some friends who had three very compliant children. They taught a parenting class at church. Then they adopted three. And she told me that it was God’s way of showing her that she really wasn’t a parenting expert like she’d thought. That said – she also thinks it’s the best thing their family has done because it’s brought more joy and prayer into their family.

  3. Your lovely home would be a haven for any child. (And by “home” I am not referring to your physical surroundings–which are also lovely–but the atmosphere of warmth and love and excellence and beauty that we see in glimpses here at your bloggy home.)

  4. Thank you all for sharing our joy and for your prayers! Cheryl, your words are especially an encouragement to read!

    Jennifer, I found the print a few years back on a public domain site of “mid century images” that were free clipart. It wasn’t a very large image, but I liked it. I’ll confess I did photoshop this version though. The original infant was a curly, yellow-haired, pale skinned blonde. I tweaked it. It’s a public domain image without copyright so you may use it. I wish I had a bigger file of it though.

  5. What wonderful news, I hope and pray that all the assessments go well and quickly, and that your new bundle will be safely in your arms soon.

    Blessings to you all
    shelley p
    from over the pond

  6. As a Momma with four dear children by adoption I will give you the advice that was given to me upon our first adoption. When you bring home your new baby, you will be bringing home much more than just a sweet, innocent baby. A person is body and Spirit. May the Lord grant you wisdom as you pray and minister to her.

  7. We have two that were miraculously placed in our arms by adoption. Wait until you stand before the judge and take lifelong oaths to make her yours… such a beautiful picture of salvation!
    Congratulations ~ I’ll pray!

  8. Hi Del,
    That is so exciting!!
    We are adopting too, waiting for China to give us approval for our little boy (born 2/23/10). We are praying to pick him up by Dec.

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