Hippie 60’s PrairieFrogs

I just realized I’d never posted pictures of our tie-dye fun that concluded our study of the 1960’s! We’ve now moved on through the 70’s and will be in the 1980’s as soon as I get organized and get the books gathered to our coffee table.

The children will be enjoying their tie-dye creations through the summer. They made two each–and Ken and I each made one too. Here’s a sampling of the groovy retro-ness:

Flower-Power PrairieFrogs


3 thoughts on “Hippie 60’s PrairieFrogs

  1. they are look groovy…what sweet kids you have…Love the tie tie t’s and those skirtson the girls are sweet. thanks for sharing. Hope your hubby had a wonderful fathers Day. We spent the day at church, fellowshipping together then my hubby exhorted in the evening….it was great. Hugs,Mica

  2. Those turned out wonderfully! Jerald did one last summer that looks very similar to the one Kaira is wearing in the pics. Somehow that doesn’t really surprise me. šŸ˜‰

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