Door Jamb Ouchies

Every mother has a paranoia of door jambs and little fingers.  I’m no exception, and take pains to train against slamming doors or door-play.

I also have a distaste for broken bones, awful illnesses and anything that requires emergency rooms or urgent care.

So far we not only avoided door jamb injuries but have somehow evaded any critical sickness or injury requiring attention beyond my band-aid drawer.

Until today.  To my surprise, it wasn’t one of the boys, but Keianna.  A finger in the door jamb resulted in a trip to urgent care.  I was relieved that what appeared to be a partial sever just looked worse than it was.  I’d been sure I saw bone and a break as well, and on that, my acessment was accurate.  No stitches were needed, but she’ll wear a splint for six weeks while the bone mends.

The  doctor declared that ‘Anna was braver than most adult patients he sees and he thoughtfully matched the tape on ‘Anna’s splint to her dress and eyes.

Keianna won’t be starting the summer typing program I’d planned for her, but at least she she had foresight to break a finger on the left hand–leaving her writing hand whole.

She never took a pain-killer, and declined each time it’s been offered.  (I know I’d have taken some gratefully, and even considered taking it vicariously for her!)  She turned down the option of an afternoon nap (another thing I was tempted to do on her behalf) and at piano lessons this afternoon she used her thumb and two free fingers to accompany her right hand with chords.  She’s a trooper.

X-Rays are sent home with parents on CD-ROMs these days!  Kinda cool.  (See below.)

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

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