Celebratory Lunch and Latte

My Beautiful Jr. Higher

Upon officially finishing the last dregs of her sixth grade work, Kaira chose a local coffee and sandwich shop for her celebratory lunch.

We were fascinated to discover that the eatery offered habañero lattes–we enjoyed lattes, but not habañero–plain vanilla for us.  We must be dull–or perhaps simply sane.  (Although I’m not sure I’ve been accused of being either one.)

We had a lovely time.  One-on-one outings are always a joy–it affords a special opportunity to hear her dreams and goals and enjoy fellowship and laughter.

Because we don’t follow the traditional school schedule it is a novelty to me to have children finishing a grade level with such conventional timing.

Interestingly, Kendra and Keianna are right behind her and will complete their respective grade levels in the next week or two.  I get to enjoy lunch out a few more times in the next month and we’ll be starting a fresh “year” with timing similar to public schoolers!  What novelty!

After lunch, we stopped by the park to enjoy nature’s sweet touches of spring.  I couldn’t help but see poignant parallels between the unfurling blooms around us and my little girl edging toward womanhood.

Discussion question: Have of you ever tried a habañero latte?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Springtime Kaira

Jr Highers are delightful!


3 thoughts on “Celebratory Lunch and Latte

  1. Thanks, Challice. The dress is by one of our favorite designers. 😉 I like it too…except that it makes her look more grown-up… not sure I totally love that. 😉 (Mostly kidding… I do truly enjoy each stage and rejoice in her maturing even while I hum “Sunrise, Sunset…” with a bit of nostalgia…

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