Watergate and OuterSpace

We’re doing more casually structured Tapestry for this final unit–partly due to a lighter summer schedule, and partly because I need extra time for teacher planning time as I get Jr High curriculum implemented and adjust our schedule for changing academic seasons.

This summer, as we study modern times, I’m assigning books in decade groupings.  Our present book basket reflects two weeks of this Tapestry unit as we learn about Watergate, the invention of personal computers, space exploration, and, as always, literature!

It’s hard to believe our journey through time has brought us nearly to the present day!  Soon we’ll start back at creation again; Meanwhile the children are studying the era my husband and I grew up in–the 1970’s!

The widgets below show our book basket:

This just in: Wooo hoo!  A last minute used book find supplied the Heinlein book just in time.  (Our libraries only had the audio book of this vintage sci-fi title.)  It will be a new genre for my dialectic student, and I’m curious to hear her opinion.

(For those reading via an external feed, click through to see the selections on my blog.)


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