Snow on the Tulips

Take a walk with me through my garden on this soggy day in late may.  We woke to a wet, white wonderland.

The calendar says it’s springtime, but the heater’s running and I have soup on the stove.  My smugness at being on schedule and switching out the children’s wardrobes last week has turned to regret as they scramble for sweaters.

Still, our arid soil needs the moisture.  We expected the freezing temperatures and delayed our main garden planting.  I hope this coming weekend we can finally plant some vegetables.  (And I hope we’ll have time to harvest before our brief summer ends!)

Meanwhile, despite the inconveniences, it is pretty!

There’s snow on the tulips:

There’s snow on the chives:

And there’s snow on the Hollie-Dog.

(Sigh… our dear, loving, smart and troublesome Hollie-Dog.)  Ken spent four days of his recent stay-cation erecting a six foot fence in hopes of being able to keep her safely in the dog-run.  We thought it’d be nice for her to have bathroom and romping privileges instead of being locked in her crate when we go on errands.

The fence works–while we are home and not in the front lot without her, but if I load the children in the van or Ken’s mows the grass in front, over she goes.  At six feet, the fence is taller than I am, (I’m just over 5’7″ if anyone really wants to know) but it barely slows Hollie down if her children are on the other side.  Ever desperate to be with her people, she’ll overcome all obstacles to come bounding out to us when we head to the van.

Her loyalty is both endearing and frustrating.  She’s truly an American Express dog–her mottoes are: “Hollie–She’s everywhere you want to be” and “Hollie-Dog—Don’t leave home without it.”


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