Taming the Chaos of Impatience

Sometimes timing is everything. Today was perfect timing for me to come upon an article by Kat at Inspired to Action. The tips are all simple things-common sense things–that we ought to already know but probably neglect.

Usually I consider myself patient, but tonight, not so much. Many factors contribute when I’m less than even-keel, and I know that at root it’s a heart issue, not mere circumstance. Yet, we need to be responsible stewards of our health–for while sin is still sin no matter how tough ouir circumstances we don’t need to stack the deck against ourselves.

Kat’s tips help prevent the folly of setting ourselves up for failure. A wise friend once advised me, “Never battle temptation–don’t even show up for the fight. The reason? You’ll lose! Flee it.” Kat’s tips help us avoid the folly of needless uphill battles against our own weak flesh.

This one is my own personal “whammie”

“We say that we NEED time to relax.. Then in the name of “relaxation”, we stay up late, only to be exhausted and grumpy the next day.
When we stay up late, we rob ourselves of tomorrow’s energy, patience and joy.

Ouch. With a night-shift husband I too often take advantage of the quiet household at night to read a novel, plan school, fritter, dawdle, or otherwise relax and fill my introvert tank–at the cost of focus and patience the next day.

So, tonight I’ll put down the novel, turn off the computer and get some rest. I’m sure I’ll need the reminder again–and balance is key. I suspect I’ll sneak late-night novels on occasion well into my twilight years–for being irresponsible in moderation is richly satisfying. Too often though, it’s mere frittering foolishness on my part.

Head over to read Kat’s other tips! I prescribe that you take her article with 7 full glasses of water–and call me in the morning (after a good night’s sleep.)

(This was posted yesterday in my regular Taming the Chaos column on the Homeschool Blogger Front Porch. I’m cross posting here in the interest of redundancy, as redundancy is something I’m good at.)


~Domestic Chaos tamer and homeschool mom of 5, Dell writes about home, heart and hearth.~

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