Wordless Wednesday ~ Celtic Harp&Hammers

Click the title screens to play:




4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday ~ Celtic Harp&Hammers

  1. Thanks for posting this. It was was beautiful!! Good work girls. I could not get it to play if my regular browser, (Maxthon) but it was deffinately worth opening in another browser.

  2. Giggling at Grumpy Dave because ummmm… you saw it LIVE, dad. 😉 Far better than the bumpy video, I’m sure. Wonder why it didn’t work in your browser. I’ve never heard of Maxthon though, so that shows what I know. Thanks for trying another browser though! I’ll ask the smugmug support folks about compatibility with Maxthon.

  3. I have long enjoyed your beautiful blog. Perhaps you have stopped by and read mine from time to time. Anyway, unfortunately, I have to make my blog private now; however, I don’t want any other homeschool blog friends, like yourself, to lose access to my blog. Therefore, please visit my blog ASAP and read the 2nd post from the top. It provides instructions on how you can enable me to add you to my invite list. I hope you will stop by. Thank you.

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