Latte Breakfast with My Girlie

I treasure one-on-one outings with the children, and she’d earned a treat!  Once again a young teacher’s assistant saved me hours of maddening tedium by putting a massive unit of Tapestry of Grace into a formidable 4 inch binder.

I like page protectors on my teachers guide–they afford me the reckless luxury of writing copious, semi-permanent, notes in sharpie markers (erasable by scribbling over it with dry-erase erases or dabbing with rubbing alcohol.)  I dislike the tedious nature of setting it up.   Fortunately, the children clamor for the privilege.  They enjoy the sneak-peek into upcoming units–and they know I often issue a fun surprise upon a binder’s completion.   Sometimes it’s going out for smoothies, sometimes it’s a $5 bill, and for Kaira this time it was a latte and pastry at Starbucks.  The girl loves coffee, but it’s reserved for very rare treats at this age.

I get conversation with a delightful young lady and 400 pages neatly in page protectors–all for the price of a latte and scone.  Quite the bargain!


One thought on “Latte Breakfast with My Girlie

  1. Great for you, and Kaira gets (who has 4 siblings) gets alome time with Mom, and that is special also. I Like.

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