Comida Mexicana: Cinco de Mayo Facil

We don’t do much for the Cinco de Mayo (in truth, most of Mexico doesn’t either), but it’s a grand excuse for Mexican fare.  I was drooling over some of the delicacies on Pioneer Woman’s site this morning, but cooking’s been pushed to the bottom of my priorities this week.  (It seems that even for those of us not tied to traditional school schedules, May is the crazy ‘finale’ for everything and the girls have a staggering amount of instrument rehearsals, performances and other commitments this week.)  I’d planned to throw together some quick, whole food, tex-mex.

Enter a one hour power outage–right in my meal-prep window.  With no working stove, we took the fast and easy way out.

One advantage to doing take-out rarely?:  When we do spring for it, it’s refreshingly scrumptious!

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Inside the bag?  Lunch.  (Yet, I still want some of that Green Mango Margarita Sorbet. )

(And if you you need something quick and easy and don’t have power outage, you can make your own Chipotle knock-off.  My friend Chautona shares her tricks–she’s tricky, ya know.  I think I’ll try her tricks next week some time–along with and maybe if I’m feeling ambitious, a few of the Pioneer Woman links for that finishing touch.)

For now, I’m grateful for Chipotle.  Sometimes blessings come in a brown paper bag.


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