Please Hold While I have Flashbacks

I’m still cleaning up from the blog transfer; replacing posts which fell out of their neatly categorized boxes.  I’m nearly (but not quite) done cleaning up the fall-out.  Unfortunately, as I categorize old posts, they show up as “new”  to subscribers.  To those subscribers, I apologize for the flashbacks to past entries.

I first thought it annoyingly laborious to go through the old posts manually, but now I’m enjoying the glimpses back into our days through the years.  I began this blog in 2005, and the children have grown up through its pages.

Since I’m having flashbacks, I’ll take you along with me by sharing one “blast from the past” post that prompted giggling as I categorized this morning: Adventures in the Barn (Initially posted in 2007)

Subscriber flashbacks will continue for a few more days and apologize in advance for old posts popping into feed-readers as “new”.

Amid all the old stuff getting bumped, I did add something new!  I added a “file cabinet” tab at the top of this blog, and within it a drawer filled with ABC printables like those I use with my pre-readers.

I hope soon to remove the “Under Construction” button from my sidebar, meanwhile, thank you for being patient with glitches as I organize our new bloggy home.



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