To Camelot, Vietnam, and the Moon!

I’m downloading pictures from  Kieran’s 4th birthday (which I hope to share tomorrow) but meanwhile school moves on!  Our history trek is finally moving forward again as well after an unexpected break between the 50’s and the 60’s.  (I kept neglecting to carve out planning time to reserve library books and put in my order.)   The children were able to use the time off Tapestry studies for extra math drill, and are thrilled that I finally got back on top of our humanities planning.

We kicked off the 1960’s in surreal Beetles style by watching The Yellow Submarine, and are now heading to the Kennedy Camelot, the Vietnam War, and on Apollo missions to the moon!

The widgets below show our book basket:

(For those reading via an external feed, click through to see the selections on my blog.)


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