Irish Stew, Cream Scones and Leprechun Popcorn

Kaira’s harp and Kendra’s dulcimer are playing Irish rigs and jeels today.  (Or jigs and reels un-spoonerized.)

We usually do Leprechaun Litmus pudding invented by my sister, but this year I decided to mix things up a bit and do magic popcorn.  To make the popcorn, pop popcorn, and distract the children.   Melt butter and add two or three drops of green food coloring, then put the green butter in the bottom of a big stainless steel bowl.  After popping the popcorn transfer it into the bowl, covering the melted green butter.  Let the children come to salt it and stir in the salt to see if it will turn the popcorn magically green.  Then put on an Irish movie and enjoy!  If you go with the pudding option, I’ve one more Lucky Link for you.  My sister uploaded a Word doc you can download to print custom labels which turn instant pistachio pudding mixes into magical tests & tasty treats!  Click here to go to MediaFire to download her cute labels complete with directions.

We are enjoying Irish Beef Stew.  This recipe is delicious, and the dark ale really adds a flavorful touch.

I think this evening we’ll also make a batch of cream scones.  (Tip of the tam to my friend, Chautona at Paradoxology)

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