Taming the Chaos: Enjoying Life’s Symphony

As we begin the new year, I like to review my vision for our days–not just the long term goals, but the moments and minutes.  Each tick of the clock is a precious note in the symphony we compose.

What type of moments do you long for in the coming year?  Three blogs I read resonate in my spirit as I jump back into our routine after the holidays.  First, Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience writes on How to Compose New Habits.  Her lyrical writing style often encourages me.  I especially liked her phrase, “Turn chaos into cadence.”

Music includes rests.  The beats of silence offset and highlight the sound, creating rhythm in and between deliberate pauses.  Heather Saunders of OMSH and contributor at Pioneer Woman Homeschooling, reminds us to rest.  If rest is (or ought to be) one of your goals for 2011, then hop over to read her thoughts!

Finally, my friend Chautona Havig, over at Paradoxology resolves to not let the days slip through her fingers, but rather to live deliberately.  Visit her blog to see her goals.

May your year be melodious and harmonious!  Make a joyful song as you compose your moments!

(Article cross-posted from my Taming the Chaos article on the HSB Front Porch)

~Domestic Chaos tamer and homeschool mom of 5, Dellwrites about home, heart and hearth.~

Taming the Chaos: Dell


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