India and China on the Coffee Table

Before we launch fully into the1950’s and 60’s we take two weeks to catch up on India and China (and a bit on Japan and Korea too).

Picture books by Demi will be a fabulous treat for the youngest PrairieFrog scholars.  If you haven’t seen these beautiful and captivating books, I highly recommend them.  (We were blessed to find them in our local library.)

We’d just concluded most of our WWii study, but we’ll continue to study different angles on the events.  Far From The Bamboo Grove turns things upside down as we see the cycle of victimization in action.  Much as the Nazis terrorized in Europe, Japan was oppressive in the East, and we see the backlash on the family of one Japanese war-criminal’s family in a book that brings out the humanity behind the warring entities.

The YWAM “Christian Heroes Then And Now” Series by Janet and Geoff Bengee are always snatched the moment they hit the coffee table.  We have two of those books for this two week study–one on Ida Scudder and one about Jacob DeShazzer.

Those are just a few of our selections.  The widgets below show our full book basket:

(For those reading via an external feed, click through to my blog to see the selections.)


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