Toting the Chaos ~ On the Go

If your children are involved in numerous outside activities, you probably have more tips than I do for keeping everything together on the run.  Although we are a far-cry from van-schoolers, I’ve come up with a few survival tactics for our music lessons, church functions and other things that keep us hopping through the week.

Perhaps the biggest help I’ve found with outings are tote bags.  I have a super-sized tote from Land’s End–their largest size available.  I can fit my camera, purse, school books, and a couple of the younger children inside.  Often I put a smaller tote bag or two within the mega-tote.  My dentist remarks every visit that I win the prize for the biggest “purse” he’s ever seen.  My chiropractor usually comments too–out of concern for my spine and shoulders.

I saw a fabulous idea this week on Etsy.  The seller (who is an amazing mom-on-the-go) calls them “Bizzy Bags“, and her description is brilliant:

This large quilted 100% cotton bag is great for toting all that your busy life requires. Take it to the library, church, school, or wherever your schedule leads. I keep one on the ready for each of my destinations to avoid last minute scrambling with my kids.  This bag measures 13 1/2 inches tall and 21 inches wide when laying flat. Large reinforced handles make carrying easy and large pockets inside will keep you organized.

You could use any totes for your own version of “Bizzy Bags“, but if you’d like  a treat, the WhimsyWobbles bags are especially fun and fanciful.  The “Fall Batik” is calling to me, but the “Snips and Snails” is also adorable, and the Dr. Seuss bag is beyond fabulous.

Totes designated for different activities are a great idea to avoid last minute scrambling.  Thanks, Heather (Of WhimsyWobbles) for the idea, and peek at your fabulous handiwork!

(Cross posted from my weekly feature column on the HomeschoolBlogger Front Porch)

~Domestic Chaos tamer and homeschool mom of 5, Dell writes about home, heart and hearth.~

Taming the Chaos: Dell


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