My Cleaning Supply List

My husband’s off work this week so I’m enjoying a break from my whole-house overhaul project. I still have cleaning on the brain though, so I’ll share some of my favorite cleaning supplies. Some are very standard, others may be on the unique side.

  • Cheapie electric toothbrush: Gets grout corners and hard to scrub crevices.
  • Double sided scrubbie sponge. Soft yellow sponge on one side , green scrubby stuff on the other for counters, floors and everything in between.
  • Paint scraper. Fabulous for scraping hard residue from smooth surfaces.
  • Old paring knife: Digs gunk out of cracks.
  • Clear packing tape (Quality stuff that won’t yellow): Great for repairing box corners and torn book jackets.
  • Cotton swab sticks: another handy tool for tiny areas
  • Magic Eraser: Great for scuffs on walls and other stubborn marks.
  • Canned air: Excellent for wicker baskets, hats, dried or silk flowers, or cloth items. I’ve been “cheating” this time and using my husband’s big shop-sized air compressor out in barn, but usually I just use my little can of air.
  • Garden hose with a powerful nozzle: Excellent for blasting off trash cans, laundry baskets, wire racks, mini-blinds and other items.
  • Dark chocolate squares: for motivation and stamina. Essential.
  • Small tool kit: Hammer, screw drivers and pliers to tighten up, fix and adjust things I come upon that need a bit of repair.
  • Container of wall paint: to touch up
  • Stain stick: To touch up wood furniture

And all the basics: Bucket, rags, soap, water feather duster, broom, vacuum….

What are some of your favorite conventional and unique cleaning tools?

(Article cross posted from my Taming the Chaos column on HomeschoolBlogger’s Front Porch)

~Domestic Chaos tamer and homeschool mom of 5, Dell writes about home, heart and hearth.~

Taming the Chaos: Dell


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