Taming the Toddler Chaos ~ With Audio-School

In last week’s Chaos taming post I mentioned we’re trying a few new things to ensure that the younger children are getting in on the learning as the older children’s course load increases.

One of our new favorites toward this end is “audio school”, and thus far it’s a raging success!  My little boys (ages 3 and 5) are enjoying their listening time, and retaining an impressive amount of the material presented.  Kieran (3) has been giving spontaneous narrations of the Bible chapter each day.  (It’s so fun to hear him retelling what he heard from his own unique perspective!)

While I assist the older children, the boys listen to the day’s playlist.  Inexpensive MP3 players make it easy for me to customize lists. (I did switch the delicate little earbuds for rugged classroom style headphones.)

The options available for playlists are vast, and I’m sure ours will morph over time.  At the moment a day’s listening usually follows this pattern:

  • Audio Bible–several chapters each day.  (Faith Comes By Hearing has free downloadable audio-Bibles.  We also have the Alexander Scourby KJV.)
  • A Steve Green “Hide ‘Em In Your Hearts” song (we have two of these albums) or a Hymn.
  • Poems from First Language Lessons For the Well Trained Mind’s Audio Companion
  • Toddler Tunes from Cedarmont Kids
  • Brothers Grimm and/or Aesop’s Fables (Also free From Lit2Go)
  • Occasionally A Jim Weiss narrated story (not free, but very fun)
  • Suzuki Piano repertoire
  • A patriotic song or the Pledge of Allegiance
  • A classical piece or two tacked on the end

I order each day’s playlist by priority so that if I’m ready to work one-on-one with them before it finishes they’ve gotten the “meat”.  After their audio-school the boys get individual time with me, but the playlists have been a fantastic “mommy extender” for an hour or so when I work with the older children.

(Cross posted from my weekly Taming The Chaos column on the Homeschoolblogger Front Porch.)

~Domestic Chaos tamer and homeschool mom of 5, Dell writes about home, heart and hearth.~

Taming the Chaos: Dell


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