Emergency Cleaning Pyramid

What basics help you feel you’ve kept the upper hand against the chaos?  Is it having tackled two loads of laundry and having the kitchen sink sparkling and free of dishes?  Is it a vacuumed entry way and clutter patrol through the main areas?  When you are behind and overwhelmed, what needs to be reigned in first in order for you to relax and enjoy your home again as you tackle the rest?

Small Notebook posted her hierarchy of cleaning.   (Click on over to her site to see her pyramid.  It’s similar to mine, but every hierarchy will likely be a little different.)   The base of the pyramid are her first priorities, progressing upward toward the extras.  For another angle on emergency cleaning, read Flylady’s Crisis Cleaning 101.   She doesn’t use a pyramid, but her 15 minute work bursts break everything into focused and achievable bites.

What do you do first when the chaos starts to get out of control?

(This article was cross posted in my Taming the Chaos column on the HomeschoolBlogger Front Porch)

~Domestic Chaos tamer and homeschool mom of 5, Dell writes about home, heart and hearth.~

Taming the Chaos: Dell


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