World WarII Breaks Out On My Coffee Table

World War II has erupted right in the middle of my coffee Table!  The widget below lists titles we are reading in the coming month as we learn about this heart-wrenching yet important time in history.  We’ll focus considerably on those who aided the persecuted, and take several tangents to examine other contributions and dynamics of this era.

As we enter recent times, we have other resources available–primary resources in a “flesh and blood” sense, as several people we know were personally touched by this war.  The children are eager to speak to a gentleman at our church about his family’s experience hiding in Hitler’s Germany (and their eventual escape) when he was a small boy.

I owe a “Thank You!” to my community college this unit! If you have a community college near you, consider them as a resource–even if your children are young. Not only does our community college have a full library (including a nice children’s section), but they offer free inter-library loan! (The local public library requires hefty fees for this service.) Colleges have differing policies, but at mine anyone in the community can get a library card, not just those enrolled.

One other tip–I remember using the Seminary library in highschool and college. (I still have the library card for Denver Seminary in my wallet.) We don’t happen to live in a town with a seminary at present, but for those who do, it can be an excellent resource for Rhetoric level titles. Juggling due dates from multiple libraries is an adjustment, but adding the Community College’s resources cut my book budget in half this unit!

Without further ado, here’s World War Two!:

(For those reading via an external feed, click through to my blog to see our WWII selections.)


4 thoughts on “World WarII Breaks Out On My Coffee Table

  1. Oh, you guys are having so much fun! I’ve been reading down your blog. You are doing a wonderful time teaching your children. We have some of those World War moments at our house. Except, my children want to stay in the Civil War time period. You all keep making memories.

  2. Testing… I tried adding a comment with a list of several other WW2 picture books I found last summer, but it told me I didn’t have permission to post…

    • It worked!

      Last summer I found some picture books that are great for the WW2 time peried. Maybe your library will have some of these:

      Boxes for Katje
      Eli Remembers
      Erika’s Story
      Luba, the Angel of Bergen-Belsen
      Mercedes and the Chocolate Pilot (actually post WW2)
      Rebekkah’s Journey
      Star of Fear, Star of Hope
      The Cats of Krasinski Square (love this one!)
      The Secret of Priest’s Grotto
      Willie & Max, a Holocaust Story

      Sorry I don’t have any authors – this is from a list I kept. They are all picture books, most (if not all) based on true stories.

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