Radium on the Coffee Table

We are finishing up a unit of Tapestry of Grace, and as we head toward the first World War we pause to wrap up the “Guilded Age” of the 1800’s.
This section features the Alaskan/Canadian gold rush, further developments in the banking industry and changes in Europe.  Fascinating individual such as Helen Keller, Booker T. Washington, Teddy Roosevelt, Marie Curie, George Washington Carver and Charles Spurgeon all renew our acquaintance.

The children were disappointed that we didn’t have many science experiments pertaining to Marie Curie.  Being a strict mom, I draw the line at playing with radium.

I hope to feature one special selection from our reading basket in a later post.  Ned is our present read-aloud which will continue into our unit celebration as we embark on a little unit study between units.  Stay tuned!

The widgets below show books we’re reading : (If you are reading through an external feed, click through to the blog to see our book basket):


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