Party Post III: The Grand Event

Kaira was a very excited princess when the big day finally arrived.  We were were joined by Lady Beverly, Sir Richard, the Bowman James, Lady Lorelle, the beautiful princess Kaitlyn, and the delightful jester Sirhc!  The games were underway when the Royal executioner showed up, escorting a servant girl he had found fleeing the Manor of Lord S and Lady K. 

The servant girl threw herself to the ground and begged the princess for mercy, and the executioner inquired what should be done with the servant, who was no doubt an accomplice in helping the Lord and Lady escape.  Kaira looked upon the groveling servant girl in mercy and answered the executioner emphatically, “Let her have fun!”


And so, have fun we did.  The games included a quest for the grail, tests of archery, musical chairs, and tiara and shield making.  James the Bowman provided a demonstration of his skill, putting arrows through our bales with such force that we found broken shafts the next day!  The Lady Lorelle even brought along her pet draglet, whom Kaira took to immediately. 

Kaira’s cousins attempted to present her with her very own prince, (who had journeyed all the way from Prague) but alas, her mischievous cousin, the wee jester Sirhc had enchanted the poor fellow and turned the Prague Prince into a Frog Prince.  The counter enchantment required she recite “Prairie Frog Fairy Prince” seven times in succession before kissing him three times.  (Seven plus three adding up to ten–her age, of course!)  Poor Kaira failed to recite it properly each time, and he remained amphibious.  Fortunately the fellow seems content to remain a pet.  (She’s too young for a real prince anyway, so I’m secretly relieved.)

“Kenneth O’Laughlan” read the Fools Prayer, and the wee jester Sirhc did a Sirhcus act for us!  We feasted on shish kabob and raspberry cream filled cake.


I should have required a few guests stand still for a quick photo op.  I didn’t manage to capture my niece and nephew’s beautiful costumes as fully as I’d like, and somehow the Lady Beverly managed to avoid the camera lens.  I also neglected to capture my own wee knights, Sir Keegan and Sir Kieran before they shed their armor.  (And, I was behind the camera instead of in front of it.  Which is all very good and well.)


A good time was had by all!  Huzzah!

Edited to add clarification regarding one of the couples pictured: Two separate bloggy friends emailed convinced that I was mistaken in declaring myself absent from the photos.  Drawing my attention to the upper left of the collage, they pointed out that I was right there, next to my husband, Ken.

In the interest of autonomy, I should explain that the lovely lady in that photo isn’t me, but rather my sister.  Likewise the gentleman beside her isn’t my husband but her own–Ken’s younger brother.    They are a cute couple, and especially since they are younger than their aging, older siblings, the confusion is considered a compliment.  (Shhh… please just don’t tell “the sibs” you mistook them for their Froggy northern relations….)

6 thoughts on “Party Post III: The Grand Event

  1. A seamstress friend made the amazing dress Kaira's wearing. Not me! I make only easy stuff, and even do those slowly.

    It was a fabulous day! The guests were great, and really gave their all in participation! That was what really made it special.

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