Party Post II: Attendants Respond

After mailing out the invitations, Kaira was delighted to see her courtiers respond.  Here are a couple of the more interesting replies:

To the Attention of Princess Kaira,

It is my grievous duty to bring a matter of utmost importance to your attention. Reliable sources have informed me that the party invitees of (Lastname) Manor are planning to be late for the festivities. Such blatant disrespect for the royal Princess needs to be dealt with quickly and harshly to keep order in the kindgdom.  Therefore, on the appointed date, I will personally apprehend the culprits and bring them in haste for you to make a ruling on their punishment. I pray this will not cause too much disruption in the roayl festivities.

Signed in my own hand


His Majesty’s Royal Executioner

And a little later, from her Aunt:

Thank you, dear PrairieFrogs, for your delightful invitation. 
Your unfortunate messenger, a drunkard no doubt, first delivered our summons to a dwelling two kingdoms away, the Court *Edinburgh.
However, the royal family there discovered the mistake and kindly hired a more reliable carrier to complete the letter’s journey. 
And so at last, we (Lastnames) of the Court *Capella did learn of the wondrous celebration to be held in honour of our beloved cousin, the Princess Kaira!
With great glee, we are preparing ourselves for the day.  The wee jester Sirhc, the young princess Kaitlyn, the bowman James and I shall travel north at the appointed time to partake in the festivities!
With thanks and much affection,
~Lady Lorelle
  (*Street names changed for the blogosphere)

Stay tuned: Photos and party recap next!

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